Benefits of e-cigs and vaping • Why make the switch?

Electronic cigarettes were invented as a healthier and less expensive alternative to smoking, and they are a suitable alternative for many customers because of the advantages they have over smoking traditional cigarettes. Read below to learn more about the numerous benefits of e-cigs.

Feel better: There are many benefits of e-cigs over traditional tobacco products, but one of the most prominent is the massive boost to your health and wellness! Many of our customers describe feeling fitter and healthier as a result of quitting cigarettes. E-cigs can help your body detox from the tar, carbon monoxide, and the other noxious chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Many of our customers say they breathe easier and generally feel better within just a few weeks of switching to e-cigs!

No second-hand smoke: Using e-cigarettes releases vapor into the air, rather than smoke, so you wont need to worry about bothering the people around you while you vape! Although the vapor clouds that come from e-cigs looks a lot like smoke, the clouds are not made up of the chemicals, fine particulates or other lung irritants, commonly associated with tobacco products. Not only that, the nicotine emissions from e-cig vapor has been shown to be 10x lower than tobacco cigarettes.

Save money: Another one of the most notable benefits of e-cigs and vaping is the break it gives your bank account! A smoker with a pack-a-day habit can expect to invest over $1,000 a year on cigarettes! With e-cigs, you make an initial investment in a starter kit or set up, then after that you only pay for the juice you need to refill your tank, and that can last up to 3x longer than a pack of cigarettes (depending on your setup and frequency of use)! No matter how you want to configure your first setup, there will be a huge range of quality and pricing options. So if you want to start with a low cost kit, and build up piece by piece, you totally can! Likewise, you could invest in a high-end set up for your first kit, as this route has long term financial benefits in it’s own way. Either route you go, you’re giving yourself a huge advantage in budgeting, and way more flexibility than you would in buying packages of cigarettes!

No foul odors: Say goodbye to stained and smelly nails, skin, hair, and clothes because vaping does not give off any kind of smoke or chemical smell- Many of our customers actually enjoy the smell the vapor created by our e-juices! We have numerous customers who say they vape freely in their homes and cars, because they don’t have to worry about the odor lingering in their shared spaces.

Smoke less: E-cigs allow you to get your nicotine fix, and stop when you feel satiated. With traditional cigarettes, many smokers feel obligated to finish a cigarette once they start. With an e-cig, you can have a few puffs, and then put it down to save for later.

Regain your senses: This one is a no-brainer! You want to be able to taste your food again, don’t you? Many people report that they can smell and taste things more easily soon after kicking their cigarette habit.

Make quitting easier: Using e-cigs while quitting smoking can help to reduce the intensity of your nicotine cravings and soothe withdrawal symptoms, by offering a graduate scale of nicotine, and more control over your total nicotine intake. This isn’t possible in quitting cold turkey. Plus, the action of using an e-cig satiates the same physical cues in your brain as bringing a cigarette to your lips and smoking. This is something people often miss out on when trying to quit using medications and nicotine patches. The customizable nature of vaping allows the user to step down their nicotine intake gradually and at their own speed. This greatly increases the user’s chances of achieving their goals