Marin’s Best Smoke Shop

After nearly a decade of providing a luxury adult shopping experience for Bay Area customers, we are excited to announce that VIP’s retail store in San Rafael, CA. has expanded to include a specialty smoke shop! We are focused on providing the highest quality smoking products & accessories in the Bay Area, along with superior product knowledge and competitive pricing, so that VIP can meet all of your smoking needs.

Our extensive smoke shop inventory includes:

  • Hundreds of unique hand blown glass hand pipes, bubblers, and water pipes from companies like Chameleon, Roor, Grav Labs & Illusion Glass
  • A curated selection of one of a kind art glass pipes & products from local artisan glass blowers.
  • Replacement bowls, stems, ash catchers, and specialty bowls to fit nearly any glass water pipe.
  • Products for use with oils, wax, and concentrates, as well as a variety of dabs accessories.
  • A vast selection of portable & table-top vaporizers from Brands like Ploom, Iolite, and Atmos as well as vaporizer replacement parts & accessories.
  • Hookahs, hookah accessories, replacements parts, and tons of great tasting shisha from brands like Fumari, Starbuzz & Romman.
  • Party supplements and consumable products, like Male enhancements and Salvia.
  • A huge selection of flavored wraps, rolling papers, and cigarillos.
  • Smoking accessories and other smoke shop staples like protective bags, cleaning solutions, torches & lighters, stash jars, scales, detox kits, and much more!
  • A full E-cigarette & vape shop, including an ever-expanding number of e-cigarette brands & styles, replacement parts, & hundreds of e-liquids in tons of flavors and nicotine levels.