New Buyer’s Guide • Where to buy ecigs & how to choose

The world of vaping is dense, expansive, and always changing. As a new user, how do you even know where to begin when you want to buy ecigs or hardware for the first time?

At The VIP Vape Store, we believe that the best strategy for beginners is to stop into our store to get a personal consultation from our staff! That way, you can lay out all of your preferences and priorities, before your buy your device. Short of that though, we’ve outlined some helpful tips and suggestions, to assist new users in finding the perfect product for them.

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Where to buy ecigs

The first thing to consider when shopping for your first ecig is the location. It might sound silly, but you want to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable vape store or smoke shop. Finding an honest and dependable company, with knowledgeable staff, will make or break your initial experiences in the vaping community. In most cases you’ll want to pick the company that’s most well-regarded in your area. If you want to choose a shop based on customer feedback, word of mouth is always a great choice, but you can also check out Yelp and other customer review sites to get some insight about what your first shopping trip will be like. Be sure to look for feedback regarding product quality and pricing, return and exchange policies, technical services offered, and similar subjects. Don’t forget to seek out information about the overall experience! Are the staff friendly and knowledgeable? What is the vibe in the store like? All of this information can assist you in picking the best vape store for you, so take the time to do some research!

Pricing & Value

One major thing to consider when you buy ecigs and hardware for the first time, is the initial price vs. the long term value. This can vary greatly from one device to another. To get an idea of a products overall value, imagine how you will utilize your APV on a day-to-day basis. How often will you vape? What types of functionality would add value to your vaping experience?

If you are looking at a high end mechanical for example, the up front cost will be higher, and will require you to purchase more individual components in order to get started, compared to a pre-made Ego starter kit with a $45 price tag. When you compare the cost of these set-ups over time though, you may find that the cost of wick, wire, and rechargeable batteries for the mechanical is lower than the cost of disposable tanks or replacement atomizers for that low cost Ego kit. This wont be the case for all of the products you may compare, but more often than not, it makes the most sense to invest in a mod that’s somewhere down the middle.

Another way to approach this concept is by thinking about what you want from you ecig. For example, if you want a strong throat hit and big clouds as part of your vaping experience, then an ego kit or low-end VV/VW mod probably want be a good value for your money, because they simply wont produce the result you are looking for. Likewise, if you would find value in a device that’s small and discreet, a bulky mechanical or box mod  may end up being an unwise investment!

For the record, we think that a good place to start vaping would be with the Kanger Subox kit, which has incredible performance and longevity, and is between $60-$90 depending on where you buy it, putting it in the lower spectrum of prices for a whole kit.

Manufacturing & Material Quality

This relates back to the previous section, in the sense that you get what you pay for! Everyone has their own reasons for why they buy ecigs in a particular price or quality range. Just know that if you buy a $30 APV, you can expect a different overall vaping experience, compared to a $100 APV. Some of those qualitative differences come back around to technical and safety issue though, and that’s why it’s important to think about product quality as it’s own factor along side pricing! Faulty APVs can be dangerous and a pain to deal with. Checking out the manufacturing quality of a company before you buy ecigs from them can save you a lot of hassle down the road. Make sure the product you’re interested in is quality built and has been tested by the company and/or reputable reviewers. There are many devices on the market, and more being created and released each month, so don’t jump the gun on your purchase. If you have to hold out until you find that quality device which will suit you best, then do it.

If you decide to go for a starter kit with a pen battery, ensure that the outer casing is made from durable material, and that the internal battery is from a reputable manufacture. Ask the sales staff whether they have gotten feedback about any components of the kit being defective. Take note of what the tank is made from, and consider buying a better quality tank if the kit you want comes with a disposable plastic tank or clearomizer.

When looking at mid-range VV/VW mods, inspect the buttons, digital screen, and any areas for attaching hardware. Make sure they are fixed to the device securely and are made from quality materials. Ask a sales person what kind of draw and throat hit you can expect from the device, consider what other types of hardware you way want to use with the device, in order to get your ideal experience.

With mechanical mods and clones, confirm that all included mechanisms are well made, and filed down effectively. This will ensure that all the pieces move smoothly together inside of the device. Make sure that the button doesn’t jam or feel scratchy when you press it. Good quality mechanicals can be made from stainless steel, copper, and more: Consider the quality of the material, and how that might affect your experience with the device day to day. Will it scratch or dent easily? Will it be easy to clean?


Whether you’re a vaping beginner, or a seasoned vaping vet, device features should be at the front of your mind when you buy ecigs and hardware. Do you want a digital read out? incredible battery life? The ability to blow huge clouds? Prioritize features that will fit your lifestyle and enhance your vaping experience! While some devices may focus on appearance, others may focus on features that will help you in the long run, like safety features and functions that help you create your perfect vape. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you!


When you buy ecigs from high-end manufacturers, one of the huge benefits is the warranty. Any company that holds itself to be reputable and high-end will offer some type of manufacturers warranty for customers. This means you can always buy with confidence, knowing that the company that made your device can also offer you some form of coverage outside of what the retailer can take care of with their return/exchange policy. Of course, you can always buy ecigs that are lower cost and do not come with warranties, this simply comes with it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you do decide to purchase a lower end, or budget friendly device, we still recommend that you contact the manufacturer! You’d be surprised by what some companies can do for you!