Ecigarettes • Research, Studies, Surveys, and more

Many people have questions and concerns about ecigarettes when they first begin vaping…

It’s our goal to be a resource and support system for our customers. That’s why we’re so proud of the huge range of knowledge that our staff has about ecigarettes, hardware, and juices! We believe that the first hand experience and the loads of research done by our staff are a factor in what sets us apart from the competition! 

Although e-cig research is a fairly new field of study, many scientists & health professionals believe that e-cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, particularly when used as a cessation method during quitting.We believe these professionals, as well as the numerous studies that have shown e-cigs to be safe and effective! Still, we know that many people prefer to do their own research, and come to their own conclusions! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of articles, research papers, and other studies about ecigarettes, so that our customers can get to know the facts and science behind ecigarettes and other vaping products. Read below for more information!