Quit Smoking, Start Vaping Today!

So you want to reduce your dependance on tobacco, or quit smoking entirely? That’s awesome!…but with so many patches, nicotine gums, and prescription medications, and other secession tools on the market, how do you even know where to start?

Quit Smoking While there are many possible paths to a tobacco free lifestyle, VIP believes that e-cigs are the best, most effective, and most satisfying option to help you quit smoking, and take proactive steps toward your health and wellness goals.

Cigarettes contain thousands of nasty chemicals, including cancer causing agents, and other ingredients that are known to damage organs and shorten life expectancy. In spite of this, over 40 million American still smoke traditional tobacco products! It seems that for many people, the draw of nicotine is just too strong to allow them to quit smoking. In fact, thousands of people attempt to quit smoking every day, only to fall back on traditional tobacco products when the nicotine cravings become too much. Pills, patches and gums assist some people, but they don’t adjust to the user’s needs in a way that is very flexible. The ridged nature of these products means that they don’t work for everyone, and often only work some of the time. So where do you turn when traditional cessation methods aren’t as effective and smokers and their doctors would like for them to be?

E-cigs offer a much more viable alternative, that users can employ in their day-to-day lives, in order to make purposeful steps toward their goal to quit smoking. Studies have shown that using e-cigs while you try to quit smoking can make the transition easier and more enjoyable, but also increase your chances of kicking the habit for good!  A recent study in the UK found that smokers who were interested in quitting cigarettes were up to 60% more likely to succeed by utilizing e-cigs, compared to quitters who tried nicotine gums, patches, prescriptions medications, and quitting cold turkey. That’s because e-cigs provide a source of high-quality, FDA approved nicotine, that can be tailored and adjusted to fit your cravings, without all the awful chemicals and fine particulate in tobacco cigarette! People who are trying to quit smoking can experience many of the same satisfying effects of smoking, but avoid the harmful ingredients and lung-damaging smoke commonly associated with tobacco products.

The process of transitioning to e-cigs is actually very simple, and allows for a lot of customization and modification on the part of the user. Our staff can consult with you about your goals and preferences, and help you pick out the right e-cig components or starter kit for you. Once you’ve got all of your equipment, you’ll pick out some e-juice and the mg dose of nicotine that you want to start with. E-juices offer a graduated scale of nicotine levels, for 30mg all the way down to 0mg. This way, users looking to tone down their nicotine habit, or even quit smoking all together, can step down gradually and at the pace that’s right for them. Most of our customers start with 24mg or 18mg, depending on their e-cig set up and the amount of cigarettes they would normally smoke. Our staff can assist you in picking out a flavor and dose that will work best for you!

When you have your e-cig and juice all picked out, you may want to adjust the voltage, resistance or other hardware setting, in order to tailor the e-cigs “throat hit”. This will help you to better simulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Now that you’re all set up, just vape like you would smoke a cigarette! Use your e-cig as much or as little as you want, and adjust the setting and frequency of use until you find that the e-cig is satiating your nicotine cravings. As you become comfortable at this setting (over days or weeks), you can bump down the mg dose of your e-juice, and re-adjust your e-cig settings to maximize your vaping experience!

VIP has all the tools and supplies necessary in order to reduce your nicotine dependency, or quite smoking entirely. Plus, our team can provide the technical assistance, professional knowledge, and moral support you’ll need on your journey to a better you! We believe that an effective and proactive support system is one of the most important tools to help you quit smoking. That’s why VIP provides the very best customer service, alongside an outstanding array of e-cig products. Shop with VIP and you’ll have everything you need to start your transitional process and achieve your goals!